Big Diamond: $27 Million Paid for 101.73 Carat D Flawless

large pear shaped

At Seattle Diamonds we love big diamonds. Last week we were particularly impressed with a stone sold at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva, a spectacular 101.73 ct. D flawless diamond that sold for $26.7 million. This was a record price for a colorless diamond sold at auction. Legendary jeweler Harry Winston made the purchase, and we are excited to see the finished piece. The entire industry will be a-buzz.

Occasionally we have requests for particularly large stones for custom pieces. Several years ago we purchased an outstanding 8.0+ carat, pear-shaped center stone for a custom ring. It was a GIA certified diamond, VS2 clarity and G in color, and was truly astonishing.

Locating diamonds above five carats can be challenging when a fancy shape of specific color and clarity is required. We contact cutters world-wide to find the right diamond.  When potential candidates are located, we will ship them to Seattle for gemological examination and appraisal. With larger diamonds, one small feature or aspect can affect the value by thousands of dollars, so strict due diligence is required when it comes to gemological grading.

We typically have round shaped diamonds 3 carats and above in inventory. If you are considering a large diamond, we are happy to discuss the different options, prices and process for purchasing a large keep-sake.

More information about this record-setting diamond can be found here.

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